Trust others and be trusted.

With fidentity you can trust online profiles without meeting the person behind them.

In todays online world there are so many bogous profiles around that you can never be sure whether there is a robot, a criminal or a trustworthy person behind an online identity.  With fidentity, you can make sure  that there is a real person behind the profile and that they are willing to drop their anonymity to gain your trust.


Your are in full control. Always.

With fidentity, you control which info should be confirmed. This can be your name or simply that you are human.

Read our no-BS privacy statement. With fidentity you can be sure that your data is never shared without you having initiated it.You decide how you use your fidentity.


Independence of social networks.

Use fidentity with any social media account. Let fidentity certify the right info in the right context.

We think that you should be able to control your identities in a way that works best for you. At the same time, we want to give you a tool that allows you to be trusted or trust other profiles. fidentity works independent of social media profiles.

Our Mission: giving you the power to manage your identity

fidentity wants to inject trust from the real world into online interactions. We believe that trusting the other party makes every transaction much simpler and better.

The issue today is that online, people try to hide who they are in real life. This guarantees some privacy, but since everybody is just an IP address, others are constantly aware that they might not be who they think they are but a fraudster. Hiding to have some privacy is perfectly sane but think about the value that is lost. You can never trust anybody. The offline equivalent to our online behavior would be to run around naked (our behavior is being tracked and analyzed) with a face mask (hide behind an IP address) all the time. fidentity is here to reverse this into a normal state were we are dressed and don’t need to wear a mask. fidentity and strong cryptography are your clothes.

How does it work?

fidentity makes sure that you exist in the real world and that you are who you claim to be. Based on the trust established between you and us, fidentity certifies aspects of your identity without disclosing anything you want to keep to yourself.

While modern cryptography provides a very high level of security, the onramp into that highly secured world is either very bumpy (you have to go through long and painful processes) or very insecure. fidentity wants to make that onramp smoother. We want to provide simple tools that everybody can use to make credible claims about their identity.

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