fidentity works in the mobile browser. No app install needed.

With our browser based solution, your onboarding becomes completely channel agnostic. Your sales reps can trigger the process from their CRM or your customer can do self service and click a link in an email or your website. The onboarding process starts immediately right there in the browser.

With our browser based onboarding solution you can perform all the necessary steps in any mobile browser on any smart phone. There is no need to install an app. This means you can stay on brand for the complete user journey, you get end to end tracking of users and you don’t lose traffic to the app store.


Real time feedback from our AI. No waiting for manual checks.

The user interface is optimized to work on the mobile phone. There are no wait times for uploads. There are no detours to the phones camera app. Users are guided intuitively to provide sufficient image quality. All compliance checks are automated and take place in real time. No more waiting for manual checks.

Users are often confused about what they should do. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine works right in the browser and prevents user errors. Images are uploaded in the background without the user having to wait. Many checks on document quality and type are directly performed in the browser and real time feedback is given to the user.


Built for financial services and regulated industries

fidentity has many compliance requirements already built in. For example, it is designed to work under the current FINMA circular with regards to video and online identification in the financial services industry and provides all the technology needed to be compliant with those requirements.

Different industries operate under different sets of regulations and with different risk profiles. fidentity is based on a flexible framework which allows for processes designed to your specific needs. The compliance needs also differ by channel. It is very easy for example to create a flow without selfie for your assisted onboarding scenarios, or cater for complex holding structures in the data gathering dialogs.

Our Mission: Making compliant onboarding easy for both sides

Businesses must be customer friendly and legally compliant at the same time. Often these two objectives are competing because the compliance officer must cover more and more legal requirements, while the sales department wants to simplify the user experience. The advent of pure play online companies with an online first mentality has exacerbated this situation. Our view on compliance is that the requirements must be fully understood and then be implemented in the best possible way; disrupting the early customer journey as little as possible.

Our mission is to give businesses with the need to identify customers a hassle free way of being compliant with regards to KYC (know your customer) and other rules.

Artificial intelligence and compliance know how

fidentity combines two complex topics into one easy to use solution. On the technical side, we use the latest advances in artificial intelligence and browser technologies to ensure a great user experience and complete automation of capture and checking of ID documents.

On the legal side, we build all our expertise and experience with our customers into the tool. We ensure that the image capture process is compliant with current regulation. Our data capture dialogs can be freely adapted according to your requirements, but we start from a strongĀ  base which captures most relevant topics such as source of money, beneficial owners, FATCA and AIA.

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