Compliant Onboarding


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Compliant Onboarding

Fast and convenient


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Self Service Use Cases


Self Service Onboarding is a remote scenario where your personnel and the customer are not in the same place. Consequently, the customer has to perform all Onboarding tasks without assistance. The core of the fidentity service in this case is the identification of the customer by collecting a selfie and images of the ID document and performing checks on these documents in accordance with the relevant regulation. In addition fidentity can provide convenient data capture dialogs where the customer enters their information. fidentity can also help you to finalize the onboarding process with digital signatures, PEP/residence checks and a PIN process to confirm beneficial owner statements in a compliant manner.

Investment Products

When you are acquiring deposits from your clients to invest it for them or to let them invest it through your tools, fidentity is ideal for you. By combining fidentity with an inbound money transfer from a bank account, you are fully compliant with anti money laundering KYC requirements. Thus, you can offer a smooth onboarding process (which will lower your customer acquisition costs) and avoid the cost of video onbaording.

Payment & Credit Cards

Payment cards are often not credit products since the amount is due automatically at the end of the month. In addition there are convenient exceptions in relevant regulation to cover payment methods up to very high spending limits. This enables card issuers to fully digitize their issuance process. fidentity can provide the complete compliant onboarding flow starting with data capture, including ID and selfie capture and finishing with an SMS based consent and contract closing.

Mobile Phone / SIM Cards

Recent changes in regulation have made it mandatory for telecom operators to identify their customers before issuing a SIM card. fidentity offers a compliant way to capture customer identities. A liveness enabled selfie plus our AI enhanced ID capture process enable you to remotely identify the customer. Thus you can onboard consumers remotely, making you more efficient today and ready for the eSIM era tomorrow. 

Step Up Security

Online service providers often use third party data to assess the risk of a given customer. However, frequently the credit rating agencies don’t have data on file, resulting in a low score and a lost sale. With fidentity the service provider can send the customer to a step up process where the customer provides a selfie and ID images which are checked automatically and in real time. After providing the data, the service provider can close the sale instead of sending the customer away. 

Assisted Onboarding Use Cases

Assisted onboarding means that a trusted person (your sales personnel) is guiding your customer through the identification process or that the sales person is handling the complete ID process. In these use cases you can completely digitize your onboarding process and get rid of all the physical paper (i.e. ID copies, contract documents, signatures). Included are automated compliance checks, thus eradicating audit problems from personnel errors.

Consumer credit

In almost all financial services uses cases, you need to KYC your customer before providing your service. When you welcome your customers in your offices or branches, you can use fidentity to digitize the whole onboarding process. You can easily integrate fidentity into your CRM and hand over the process to a mobile device. From there your sales person or the customer themselves can perform the ID capture and fidentity returns the checked data back to your servers. 


In a typical scenario, your customer is at your car sales location and you need to do the paperwork involved in closing a leasing contract for the new car. By integrating fidentity into the sales process, you can completely digitize the KYC (know your customer) procedure. To keep integration to a minimum, you display a QR code in your CRM and the sales person scans the QR code with their cell phone. This starts a customized process on their phones browser which guides them through all the necessary capturing steps. The sleek user interface assures acceptance.


Insurance products are often subject to the same anti money laundering requirements as other financial products. Also, insurance products are often sold by a distributed sales force at the customers home. fidentity allows you to easily augment the quality of your documentation by giving you a tool that your sales people can use on their mobile device without installation of additional software.


Opening a bank account at a branch office requires your sales personnel to KYC the customer. You can easily hand over the process from your CRM or front office software to a mobile device and capture the customers ID documents. On the fly compliance checks prevent agent errors. The images as well as timestamp and sales person identity information is summarized in an immutable and archivable PDF document for permanent filing on your servers.



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