Compliant Onboarding

Fast and convenient


Compliant Onboarding

Fast and convenient

Compliance meets User Experience

It’s difficult to be compliant. It’s also difficult to offer a great user experience. Doing both at the same time is a huge challenge.  


The Swiss financial market supervisor finma regularly issues circulars which detail its interpretation of the law. For fidentity, the Circular 2016/7 on „Video and online identification“ in its revised 2018 version is applicable. fidentity adheres to the provisions regarding “online identification”. It’s possible to even open a bank account based on fidentity.


To underline our claim that our service is finma compliant, we asked a big four consultancy to perform an audit according to the widely accepted ISAE 3000 standard. This audit provides a strong third party opinion that our system and the controls we have in place are compliant with current anti money laundering regulation. 


fidentity has fully automated the KYC checks so that the user gets real time feedback on the success of the identification process. There is no waiting for uploads or agent based checks. We are the first in the world to have a real time artificial intelligence engine run in the browser and analyze the data for quality, correctness and consistency. 


App downloads are expensive because you lose over 90% of your users to an intransparent app store. With fidentity they can perform kyc right in the mobile browser. That start in any channel, be it web, chat or email. From there it only takes a few clicks until kyc is finished and they can start using your service.

Form Flow (self declaration)

Creating an onboarding form where you capture all the base data of a person or entity looks simple at first sight, but you will soon be spending a lot of time on the myriad of details. Profit from our expertise and start at 90%.

We have a flexible workflow engine which enables you to put together different forms according to your needs. This can range from a one pager for a private client to a complete profile management workbench where an institutional investor can capture a complex group structure and multiple beneficial owners.

Selfie Capture  

In unassisted ID flows, customers often need to provide a selfie, including a liveness check. This is to provide certainty that the acting person is the same as on the ID document.

fidentity provide a nifty capture dialog, where the smart phone works like a mirror, detecting the face and automatically taking a picture. As an additional layer of proof, fidentity can provide a short movie sequence of the selfie so that human control is possible ex-post.

ID Capture

This step is crucial to be compliant, user friendly and fully automated. Unique technology enables fidentity to detect the document being scanned in the browser and to make sure that the user provides the right document. fidentity also controls for quality issues so that the uploaded documents can be processed by the text recognition and fraud detection engine without problems. All this is compressed into an easy to use interface which provides intuitive feedback to the user.

Electronic Signatures

There are at least three important factors to making sure that your customer has entered into a legally binding contract with you. Most importantly, it must be transparent, what the customer agrees to. So transparent presentation of contractual information is crucial. Secondly, there must be a clear action by the customer to demonstrate consent like clicking a button or typing in a PIN code. Lastly, you have to make sure, that you know, whom you enter into a contract with; i.e. the person has to be identified clearly. In addition, we can digitally sign documents to make sure that documents were not changed after the customer opted in (ZertES compliant)

Consistency Checks & Scoring

finma and other regulators require consistency checks across ID documents, customer provided input data and third party data sources. fidentity contains sophisticated metrics and scoring mechanisms that calculate a numerical confidence score from all sources of input data and roll it up into one global score that provides a measure for overall quality and consistency of the captured data. This is an ideal basis to drive a differentiated sampling process based on data quality.

Background Checks

A PEP check is often the first thing a financial intermediary wants to do when an unknown new client comes along. In this step fidentity checks the person against a global database of politically exposed persons (pep), their relatives and close associates (rca) and also people known for criminal and/or terrorist activities. This check can be done at any time during onboarding and the results are provided to you as part of the complete compliance file. A residence check can also be provided.


We will help you to finde the optimal compromise between legal requirements and great user experience. Do you wonder what is possible with the right technology? Do you wonder how to best onboard customers? Do you want to bring down your acquisition costs? Profit from our experience in creating sleek onboarding experiences that are 100% compliant.

User Experience is crucial

Todays users expect everything on the Internet to be available in an instant and at a click. Any inconvenience or waiting time will impact your performance in a very tangible way. 


Fidentity is the only solution on the market with a fully automated real time check of the data provided by the consumer. This enables you to totally re-think your processes.

Account openings can be completed in real time, where the user goes from „somebody on my website“ to being a fully identified customer with transactional IBAN within minutes.

ID capture processes where your sales agents is present can be completely digitized. You don’t have to shuffle paper copies or live with (non compliant) customer provided ID copies. Your sales person can scan the ID with their cell phone. fidentity does on the fly checks for quality and accuracy. Integration is super simple, for example it can be a QR code on a paper form or a button in your CRM.

No App

Life time value of your customer is a crucial metric for your customer acquisition efforts. For digital acquisition for financial products typical values of cost per acquired customer can easily range in the 500CHF to 1000CHF range for advertising.

A sleek and convenient onboarding process can easily have an impact of 10X on conversion meaning also 10X on your cost per acquired customer.

fidentity enables the most convenient, least intrusive onboarding experience. The customer does not need to do a video interview or download an app.The identification happens right there in the browser.

We also allow end to end traceability of your customer via standard scripts. This is a huge difference to app stores where you invest money in advertising, send people to download your app, but you don’t know who installs the app when and why.

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