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fidentity provides digital identification with seamless user experience. An API enables integration in 3rd party websites, mobile sites, apps or even messengers. Its ease of use leads to minimal acquisition costs.

What does fidentity do

fidentity is a tool for digitally identifying consumers. To achieve this, fidentity has the user upload a selfie as well as pictures of an ID document. fidentity then analyses the content of the ID card (image, machine readable zone, other text elements) and validates the authenticity of the ID document. Thus fidentity provides automated certainty that the documents are authentic.

Why should a company use fidentity

Know your customer

The uses cases for gaining certainty about your end customers identity are numerous. Most obviously, any business that handles funds such as banks, card issuers, p2p lenders, bitcoin exchanges, gambling or leasing companies underly legal requirements to know their customers. The same is true for telco companies where issuing a SIM card may only happen after identification. In many other domains, such as insurance, personnel brokerage or car rental, it is good practice to identify the customer before entering into a business relationship.

Optimal user flow

Digital onboarding is the norm in many industries and quickly becoming it in others. Available solutions for identification, however, suffer from being very cumbersome for the user. Simply asking users to mail digital copies of their ID documents generates unpredictable results often requiring repeat interaction. Fully automated recognition solutions today require an app on the customers phone. An approach which struggles with high technical complexity, maintenance cost and low efficiency in scenarios where conversion is relevant. fidentity on the other hand is designed with a mobile web based userflow in mind. A user can be acquired through advertising for example and never has to leave the guided process, until identification is complete.

Seamless integration

Integration of digital identification into enterprise processes can be complex. Either extensive back office processes need to be adapted, or complex technical solutions need to be rolled out and maintained.

fidentity in contrast can be integrated via two simple options. The simplest way is redirecting the user to our user flow and letting him/her complete the user journey right on fidentity’s site. Alternatively, fidentity can be integrated into any user flow via a simple API. These methods of integration ensure minimal effort since you don’t need to understand the details of the recognition technology.

Full service

fidentity ensures 100% accuracy through manual review of results. Purely tech based approaches can currently not achieve recognition rates of 100%. This makes it necessary for you to review the results, creating extra processes you need to manage. With fidentity all this complexity is hidden behind our API.

What now?

Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your ID requirements!

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