Compliant Onboarding 

Fast and convenient 


Compliant Onboarding

Fast and convenient

Self declaration

Fill out the questionnaire and provide your information


Take a selfie with liveness check to make sure you are really there

Document Selection

Select the government issued ID document you want to use

ID Scan

Scan your ID document by following the on screen instructions


Sign the data you have provided with a click, an SMS, a voice print or similar

Background check

We verify your information and make sure it’s consistent

What does fidentity do?

Banks and almost all other financial service providers are required by law to identify you before doing business with you. This is meant to prevent money laundering, where money from illegal activities (for example selling drugs and human trafficking) is brought back into the legal money flow.

fidentity provides an online service for financial service providers. We set up and operate the website where you provide all the legally required information before you can become a customer. fidentity provides the website and the intelligence to capture and automatically analyze your information. Your data is then given to the company where it is stored. 

The detailed steps vary from company to company but in general a subset of the steps shown above are required.

fidentity is used by companies such as banks, insurances, leasing companies and others to verify your identity.


We take great care that your data stays private. This means living up to the legal standards set forth in Swiss and European privacy regulation and on top living up to the standards of Swiss banking regulation.

All processing for fidentity happens in Switzerland and/or the country where your financial service provider does business.

On top, we only store your data as long as absolutely necessary to provide our service. Once you are through our process and we have provided your info to the company where you want to become a customer, we delete your data on our servers.


We are doing everything to make sure that your data is securely protected at all times. 

  • Your data is stored in a ISO 27001 certified computing center with state of the art access controls, firewalls and security protocols.
  • We process all your data automatically. There is no physical person that looks at all the data.
  • We use state of the art encryption so that your data is never stored or transmitted in clear form.

As a rule of thumb, we are at least as secure as the company where you want to become a customer.

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